State of Decay 2 Update 30: Forever Communities releases

State of Decay 2 is receiving its 30th major update and it brings many fan requested features. The biggest addition in this update is the ability to keep playing the game with the same characters after completing a Legacy. Before, once you completed a Legacy, which is essentially a main quest line for a chosen character, the game would end and your community of characters would cease to exist.

With this update, you have the ability to keep playing with the community even after completing a Legacy. You also have the option to send community members to a “Legacy Pool” and have the option to call upon those characters in any of your communities.

Alongside these features are other significant features and quality of life improvements which can be seen here. Make sure to read through it all, watch the video above, and check out State of Decay 2 if you haven’t already. It’s a game we highly recommend.

Austin "Proven"

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  1. Cool. Wish I could check it out. My game has been unplayable along with many others games, as this update causes my game to crash whenever I try to access my supply locker.

  2. Best game ever i love zombies. Reminds me of the walking dead. Wish undeadlabs would do an update where you can use the characters out of the series…. but any one on xbox and wants to build a community my gtag is nelsonkid5071 add me and hole with xbox era so i know where u added from. And put sod2comunity we shall set somthing up

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