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Death Stranding is coming to PC Game Pass, will be announced tomorrow according to Tom Henderson

Death Stranding arriving on PC Game Pass is all but confirmed after reliable insider Tom Henderson confirmed it on Twitter. Heavy speculation that this would be happening came after the PC Game Pass Twitter account changed their profile picture to Death Stranding landscapes.

Death Stranding was created within the Playstation umbrella and uses Playstation first party studio Guerilla Games Decima engine. Many may be wondering how it is possible that a Sony first party game might be coming to an Xbox platform. It is important to note that 505 games, not Sony, published the game on PC. This may be the reason this is all possible, as an Xbox console version of the game seems incredibly unlikely.

Death Stranding coming to Game Pass comes only two months after Hideo Kojima announced he was working with Xbox on a game that would take advantage of their Cloud Technology. It is safe to say after these recent announcements that Xbox are forming a closer bond with one of gaming’s most intriguing figures.


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