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Death Stranding might be coming to PC Game Pass

Death Stranding, previously released on Playstation and PC, might be coming to PC Game Pass. This rumor started when the PC Game Pass twitter account tweeted out that they had changed their profile picture. Many instantly recognized the picture as being similar to landscapes seen in Death Stranding.

One user on Twitter by the name of naven0m found the location used in the profile picture in game, all but confirming that the twitter account is indeed teasing Death Stranding’s arrival on PC Game Pass.

You may be asking yourself , “how could Xbox release Death Stranding on PC Game Pass if the game was originally created under the Playstation banner?” It is important to note that Sony did not publish the game on PC, 505 Games did. This means 505 Games may have the freedom to put the game on PC Game Pass since they have publishing rights for that specific platform.

We will have to wait for official confirmation from Xbox until declaring anything completely, but it seems incredibly likely as of now that Death Stranding may be making its way to Xbox’s subscription service in the near future.

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