The Home Stretch update brings Shared Worlds to Grounded ahead of 1.0 launch

Grounded is almost leaving Early Access/Game Preview. This means the developers at Obsidian Entertainment are lining up the game for the big update in September.

This means the latest update for Grounded is relatively light on content. Most of the update consists of preparations for the 1.0 launch, but there is one major exception.

In this new update players will be able to create shared worlds. Tired of having to stop playing when the person who is hosting the world has to quit the game to do something else? Now you can create a Shared World, which allows you to continue playing. More information can be found here:

Secret Feature Added: Shared Worlds

You can now create a Shared World as well as the Standard Worlds you have been doing since Game Preview launch. Shared Worlds are stored in the cloud and you can share them with any of your friends so they can host that world while you are not online.

-You can own up to three Shared Worlds at any given time.
-You can have 50 worlds shared with you at any given time.
-Any Standard Worlds from before can be converted to a Shared World via the Save / Load menu.
-Any Shared World you own or have been shared with can be copied down as a local Standard World for you to play on your own. 
-Shared Worlds can only be played by hosting it as a Multiplayer game.
-Only one person can host a Shared World at a time (others will be able to join the current player who is hosting).
-Any game progress that happens while anyone is hosting a Shared World will be properly restored regardless of who hosts the world next.

Potential Use Cases:

-Owner of Shared World who is hosting can logout for the day and have someone else who has the world shared with them rehost it while they are offline.
-You can use this system to share copies of save games with friends: Create a Shared copy of an existing world, share it with said friend, have them download a Standard copy of it on their end.
-If you own both a Steam copy and an Xbox / Windows Store copy, you can use this system to have a single Shared world that you can play through across all platforms.” 

Grounded 1.0 is set to launch on September 27th on Xbox, Windows and Game Pass.

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