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Hot off of its announcement in the recent THQ Nordic Showcase, Wreakreation is an open world racing game made by a small UK based studio, Three Fields Entertainment. Formed by veteran console developers with experience at EA and Criterion, the studio aims to create a massively appealing racer with a focus on both arcade racing and user-created content. Interested? Find out more in the Xbox Era preview of Wreakreation

Open World Racing

Three Fields Entertainment have created an ambitious game said to be packed with content and fun to have. As previously mentioned, Wreakreation is an open-world racer, which means it’s not limited to only urban areas or even one location. The developers went ahead and built an entire state to explore, separated into four different counties.

According to them, the world is roughly 400 square km big with over 450 km of road to drive on. While also of course being able to drive off-road wherever you want. In terms of areas, the game will have dense woodlands, sandy beaches and even snowy environments. Wreakreation gives the players the freedom to discover the world, and the various objectives, at their own pace. As you drive through the state, you’ll discover races, challenges, shortcuts and of course even billboards to smash. According to the devs, around every turn there’s something to experience.

It’s an arcade racer too!

And of course, this isn’t just an open world game, there are more traditional arcade style races too! These races are full of the many things we’ve seen over the long history of arcade racing. Things like boosts, crashes and even Burnout Paradise style takedowns on other racers. Couple this with some very high-speed driving, and you have a game that looks to have both a robust open world and racing experience.


With the name of the game having “Creation” in it, you best believe that user-created content is a big focus. The developers believe that many games today restrict players too much when it comes to how content is served, saying that players have little freedom in how they want to play. They believe it should be the exact opposite, with the players themselves being more in charge.

You can of course change and customize your vehicles, but you can also change things like the weather, time of day, or even the actual challenge/race modes. The game is built to adapt to your changes. Such as when you create a ramp, the game will then keep score when people jump off of it. And you can do all of this with friends in real-time. The game allows you to seamlessly switch from the creator tool into racing, which is cool, but it also allows a friend to race around the area while you’re actually building things. The tools you use are basically the same arsenal as the devs themselves used to create the game world.

In a world where Forza Horizon continues to dominate, Three Fields Entertainment are throwing their hat in the ring. Will Wreckreation, a game about building, collaborating, exploring and arcade racing be able to challenge Playground Games’ dominance? Well, we’ll have to wait until the game releases, but so far it looks very promising.  

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