Halo Infinite August Update Will Add Ranked/Social Doubles, Cross-core Visors, and More

Drop Pod Incoming

The blog for August’s Halo Infinite drop pod update just hit and it has some much-requested features. Visors will now be usable across all cores, doubles is coming to ranked and social playlists, challenges will appear in the drop menu and more detailed below:



At present, there are a multitude of visors in the game split across the 5 armor cores. If you’ve wanted to use the shiny gold Noble visor (which has hitherto been locked to the Mark V [B] armor core) to complete your look on any of your other cores, you’ll be able to make that happen when the August Drop Pod lands. 

What this means is that all visors that are currently in the game, and all future visors to come, will work across all helmets from all armor cores.

A Mark V [B] Spartan with a bright yellow visor stands in the Armor Hall.
EAGLESTRIKE’S Night Wisp visor on a Mark V [B] helmet.
A Yoroi Spartan with a gold visor stands in the Armor Hall.
RAKSHASA’s Athena’s Mirror visor on a YOROI helmet.


Continuing with the theme of improving customization options, this Drop Pod will also allow for certain Mark VII helmet attachments to be worn across multiple Mark VII helmets.

This is a response to player feedback we’ve seen requesting an expansion of the compatibility of Mark VII helmet attachments. Naturally, this move came with some complexities because most helmet attachments for the Mark VII core are designed to fit a specific helmet, but some happen to also fit well on other Mark VII helmets.

The Live Team took some time with our Artists to find out which helmet attachments look best and fit without clipping awkwardly or having large holes. Since certain combinations could have clipping or large gaps, not every Mark VII helmet will be able to use every helmet attachment – but the total number of options has been greatly increased.

If you’ve already unlocked these helmets and helmet attachments, they will automatically be usable. If you unlock them in the future, all the possible combinations will be unlocked for you. There will not be a need to unlock them on a per-use basis.

A full list of the helmet and helmet attachment combinations will be included in the Drop Pod patch notes when it goes live.

A Mark VII Spartan stands in the Armor Hall while wearing a helmet attachment..
Soldier helmet attachment on a Rampart helmet.
Mark V [B]’s Stalwart visor on a Mark VII helmet.
A Mark VII Spartan stands in the Armor Hall while wearing a helmet attachment.
Warmaster helmet attachment on Firefall helmet.
RAKSHASA’s Sapphire Front visor on a Mark VII helmet.



On the multiplayer experience front, this update will make it easier for us to implement more Ranked playlists moving forward. Kicking things off will be Ranked Doubles, which is set to land two weeks after the Drop Pod’s release – along with a CSR reset. Additionally, a social Team Doubles playlist will be accompanying Ranked Doubles on its launch day, meaning Halo Infinite will be getting twice the 2v2 fun.

We’ll monitor the health of Ranked Doubles and all our playlists after its addition to the matchmaking lineup. If all playlists continue to perform as expected, we’ll keep these additions and continue experimenting with adding more Ranked playlists in the future.

Two Spartans holding BRs stand at the ready.


In the opening of this blog, we mentioned that we were laying some groundwork for the future as well. While there is no player-facing change here just yet, this Drop Pod does contain a lot of the groundwork required to turn Region Select on in the future. This would allow players to select between all searching across all regions (faster search times) or their local region (better pings). 

This feature is still some time away, but players may spot some of the backend work that has been done to start putting things in place. We’ll have more to share about Region Select as we get closer to its launch. 

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    This wait for DLC feels endless.

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  3. :thinking: It’s been a month… DLC will be nice, but it’s not like we’ve been waiting very long.

  4. Clever

  5. Avatar for PsyDec PsyDec says:

    Supposedly mangler is getting a nerf

  6. internally screaming

  7. Avatar for BRiT BRiT says:

    Most likely in the aim assist portion?

  8. Avatar for PsyDec PsyDec says:

    Not sure, but imagine it will be treated as a T2 weapon rather than a T1. IE it will be in the same rotation as shotguns / stalker and shock rifle

  9. For what

    That shit dont kill anyone.

  10. Esport players bitching about it

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