Cult of the Lamb Shows Off Bosses in Latest Pre-Launch Trailer


Cult of the Lamb has posted their latest “Sermons from the Lamb” trailer which showcases the 4 Heretical Bishop bosses from the upcoming title. The game releases on August 11th and is a combination roguelike community builder and we will have a review for you ready closer to launch.

Press release below:

Future Cultists,

So, you’ve gathered your flock, but your cult is far from complete. In fact, in Cult of the Lamb, there are several who would choose to deny the good word of The One Who Waits. Those deniers must be eliminated.

As you fight through the roguelike dungeons of Cult of the Lamb to gather resources and new followers to expand your cult, you will come across the four bishops who stand in your way of becoming the One True Cult. They cannot be allowed to stop your ascent.

Cult of the Lamb launches on Aug. 11 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Pre-order or purchase on Switch before Aug. 25 to get the Cthulu follower skin.

Join the flock on Discord:

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