‘Grounded’ is being adapted into an animated TV show, led by ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars’ writer Brent Friedman

Grounded is being adapted into an animated TV show as first reported by Deadline. The show is being led by ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars veteran’ Brent Friedman.

Not many details are currently available about the show, but Deadline reports that “The series, which exists in the same universe as the game, follows four friends, who the summer before high school, plan “big things” to elevate their social standing, but their plans are upended when they stumble upon shrinking technology that makes them two inches tall. Now the four shrunken friends must learn to survive in a towering backyard that’s a jungle full of enormous predators and hiding a vast corporate conspiracy threatening their entire town.”

Grounded has been a relatively surprising success for Obsidian and Xbox. More than 10 million players have played the game via early access, with a full release expected this September.

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