Episode 116 | Hypercharged and Ready to Go!

Nick and Sik are back after a brief hiatus and are joined by Joe from the Hypercharge: Unboxed PR team.

We’ll go over their incredibly successful Twitter marketing campaign, the game itself, and catch up on all the latest after taking a week off.

Jump in!


00:00:00 – Going live
00:08:54 – Intro
00:09:30 – Hi everyone say hi to Joe from Digital Cybercherries making Hypercharge Unboxed
00:11:15 – We go into the history of Hypercharge and Digital Cybercherries
00:24:24 – Hypercharge Unboxed becomes a Top Seller on Steam live on air!
00:29:27 – We show Joe the Steam Top Seller list live
00:31:20 – Joe makes us a promise, no backsies!
00:35:00 – We continue the discussion on the viral success of the game
00:41:50 – Making Hypercharge more appealing to a broader audience
00:46:27 – Hypercharge seems to be resonating a lot with an Xbox audience
00:51:00 – Joe reveals exclusively live that Hypercharge will be getting a story mode!
00:58:22 – We discuss toxicity around the Hypercharge viral success
01:09:28 – Superchat about Hypercharge on Game Pass
01:10:32 – C U Next Tuesday Son
01:11:30 – Joe lets us know Hypercharge is also coming to PlayStation and will have cross play
01:13:17 – We try and pry a release date/window out of Joe
01:14:35 – Patron Shout
01:15:00 – Community Question #1: Topp – What was the most successful form of marketing for Hypercharge?
01:16:55 – Community Question #2: PoderickPayne – Would you consider making a Hypercharge Battle Royale?
01:20:45 – Community Question #3: Creaky Legs – Would you add Toy Xbox characters to the game? Who would your picks be?
01:36:22 – Superchat congratulating the team on Hypercharge
01:37:00 – Community Question #4: Good Old Collingwood – What are Joe’s thoughts on demos? 01:44:20 – We say bye and thanks to Joe!
01:46:36 – The show goes on!
01:47:46 – What have we been playing?
01:57:36 – Xbox 360 games will no longer be part of Games with Gold from October 2022
02:00:35 – Xbox will be at Gamescom
02:01:40 – Halo MCC will be getting cut content put in
02:02:40 – Peppa Pig is coming to Game Pass (among other kids games)
02:05:35 – Bluey game tangent
02:06:37 – God of War Ragnarok gets a date in 2022
02:07:49 – Oh…Forspoken got delayed did it?
02:11:08 – Rumour Mill
02:16:53 – Xbox is still improving in Japan
02:17:55 – Paul Bertone joins 343
02:20:20 – Skull and Bones got a gameplay reveal
02:21:49 – Wait, did Hideo Kojima assassinate someone?!
02:24:10 – New RoboCop game!
02:27:22 – Jesse tells us what’s going on at XboxEra
02:29:52 – Community Question #5: Hytham G – I think a question about Nintendo’s Direct and the Xbox/Nintendo partnership?
02:33:06 – Community Question #6: Morventhus – Did you enjoy your week off? Also, Viva Piñata’s trademark got renewed!?
02:37:36 – Community Question(s) #7: Hue – Would MS buy WB/Discovery? Would MS buy Crystal and Eidos from Embracer? Will Xbox and PlayStation continue supporting Steam for long?
02:47:45 – Community Question #8: DeoGame – Will Xbox BC continue once ABK is done?
02:49:17 – Community Question #9: Bob Lawpel – Should Xbox replace Phil? If Xbox had a better rep for polished games, would people be angry about the 2022 game drought? Despite everything coming to Game Pass, do people just complain about no first party for the sake of it?
03:07:10 – Do we need to amend the Rumour Mill?
03:08:28 – You finished off The Boys?
03:09:40 – Tangent about Thor Love and Thunder
03:12:25 – Wrapping up
03:13:35 – Ciao for now!


Jon "Sikamikanico" Clarke

Stuck on this god-forsaken island. Father of two, wishes he could play more games but real life always gets in the way. Prefers shorter and often smarter experiences, but Halo is King.

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