Episode 114 | “So What Did Everyone Think?”

Sik and Nick are back and E3/P3/Keigh3 week is over.

We co-streamed most of it, and now we’re fully breaking down all the news we saw. Xbox & Bethesda both normal and extended wowed many out there, but not all? SGF had the content but.. pacing pacing pacing!

There is so much to discuss so…

Jump in!

Timestamps (Thanks DeoGame!)

00:00:00 – Going live
00:11:41 – Intro
00:12:00 – Hello Friends, and Happy 42nd Birfday Nick.
00:13:50 – Superchat from Que-Tang Clan: Ultimate Question of Life
00:15:10 – What have we been playing this week?
00:16:58 – Father’s Day Tangent & Movies (Lightyear, Top Gun Maverick)
00:18:03 – Sik’s been playing the greatest game of the last generation! (Also Crackdown 3)
00:20:26 – We may be getting one of the devs of TMNT on a future podcast
00:21:07 – Blade Runner Enhanced Edition is coming to Xbox next week.
00:21:50 – Discussion of the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase begins
00:23:30 – Redfall
00:25:17 – Benedict Fox and Nick’s New Industry Friends
00:26:06 – Nick starts popping
00:27:02 – Welcome Back Nick!
00:27:23 – Nick takes the W disputing the Ls.
00:30:05 – Superchat from Xbox LordGamer: Jez holds an L now too.
00:30:40 – The Valheim Incident and back to the showcase.
00:34:50 – E3 of Dreams tangent and the need to set expectations and manage content.
00:42:35 – Where is Goldeneye?
00:44:00– Community Question #1: Creakylegs – Favourite Goldeneye Memories.
00:46:45 – Superchat from Andre S. Silva: Feliz Aniversário Nick!
00:47:20 – Community Question #2: Morventhus – The fun of announcements and where is Goldeneye? 00:49:49– Community Question #3: DeoGame – Stick with the 12 months approach?
00:51:46 – Community Question #4: TheAshCohen09 – Favourite reveal?
00:55:50 – Stadia drops the ball again: High On Life and The Quarry were originally exclusive.
00:58:00 – Media double standards and the mystery of Kojima.
01:12:29 – Community Question #5: Good Old Collingwood – Fanfest and Freebies over the years.
01:15:47 – Forza Motorsport too good to be true?
01:23:48 – Playground Games pitched PGR back in the day… and were turned down!?!
01:27:25 – Community Question #6: Andre4893 – Ever played Outer Wilds?
01:33:15 – Tangent on Stylized vs. Realistic Graphics
01:39:38 – Jesse interjects. Engagement during the show and Nick’s source is Vin Diesel.
01:41:40 – Update on Day One and Community Question #7: Somnia – In praise of the XboxEra team. 01:47:02 – Patron Shoutout
01:51:43 – Community Question #8: Hue – Do we have a creator code?
01:52:38 – Tangent on genre and aesthetic variety in the Xbox ecosystem.
01:57:58 – Community Question #9: TornRaptor – When did PlayStation steal the colour Blue from the corpse of SEGA’s hardware division?
02:02:22 – Community Question #10: Hytham G – Any update on the Xbox Nintendo thing?
02:06:28 – Sik does his best Colt Eastwood impression.
02:07:35 – Community Question #11: Cayde4Ever- A special broadcast from the XNC Podcast.
02:10:53 – Superchat from Flash Gordon: Seriously Nick, where was Goldeneye?
02:11:27 – Community Question #12: Vinnie13/Weasel – What’s in your backlog?
02:20:15 – “Oh god, here we go…”
02:23:30 – Nick wants a new computer… is that legal?
02:25:35 – Wrapping up?
02:27:30 – Rand get’s the last word.
02:27:53 – Ciao for now!


Jon "Sikamikanico" Clarke

Stuck on this god-forsaken island. Father of two, wishes he could play more games but real life always gets in the way. Prefers shorter and often smarter experiences, but Halo is King.

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