New Redfall details shine a light on Arkane’s most ambitious game yet

Arkane’s open world optional co-op game Redfall was recently given a lengthy gameplay demo at Xbox’s Summer games showcase. A few days later, Redfall’s director Harvey Smith sat down with IGN to discuss more details about Arkane’s latest game.

A few details shared in the interview stood out and shed some light as to what Redfall is as a game. We know that the game follows a similar immersive sim slant as Arkane’s past games, however optional co- op can change how the game plays.

Smith explained how players can play Solo with a character they choose at the start, but also have the option to play with up to 3 other players. Smith also shared that you can play in a party of players who all have the same character, so the game does not limit you to one character per group. If you decide to play Solo, there are not “bot” teammates, meaning you can play the game like a traditional Arkane game if you want to.


Harvey Smith went in depth into the gameplay of Redfall, expressing how each character has 3 primary powers with a few passive powers as well. There are also some shared abilities that each character has as Smith explains. Weapons have levels and rarities and come with traits the impact gameplay, and there other items you can use in game that assist you in fighting enemies in the game.

Redfall does have loot and Smith explains how it is earned in game, saying that the team aims for it to be earned through environmental storytelling whenever possible.

There are a ton of other details shared by Smith in the interview, so make sure to watch the video above to get all the latest info on Arkane’s excellent looking Redfall.

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