Bethesda Game Studios confirms that Starfield dialogue will be in first person and your character does not have a voice

The day after Starfield gameplay was unveiled to the world, Bethesda Game Studios has confirmed more details that may excite some fans of older BGS games. On Twitter, the studio confirmed that all dialogue will take place in first person and that your character will have no voice actor.

This information may sound inconsequential to some, but is massive news coming off of Fallout 4. In the aforementioned game, your character was fully voiced which many players believed ruined immersion as the voice acter often acted differently than players believed fit the dialogue. Conversations in Fallout 4 also took place from a camera angle hovering over the shoulders of each character which was again criticized for breaking immersion.

While these small changes in Starfield may not seem important to some, they are important for many longtime fans of BGS games and shows that the studio is listening to feedback and aims to make Starfield the best possible game for fans.

Austin "Proven"

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