Forza Motorsport Shown at Xbox Showcase: Brings Ray Tracing, Enhanced Time of Day

The Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase continues and we hit the racetrack with a in depth look at the graphical upgrades Turn10 Studios have brought to their flagship Forza Motorsport franchise.

Familiar Track, New Look

With a focus on the iconic Maple Valley track, Turn10 detailed the updates to the engine, bringing enhanced Physically Based Rendering, Time of day, and Ray Tracing to make one of the most visually striking racing games ever created.

Underlining the focus on the advanced rendering techniques to bring every inch of the cars, tarmac to you in never before seen detail, the showcase was taken entirely in engine to show off what the game can do in real conditions.

If you can still see this while racing, you’re in trouble

Forza Motorsport is due to PC and XBox Game Pass in Spring 2023, bring your racing overalls!

More information can be found at the videos below:

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