Help a Halo Fan Kick Cancer’s Ass

“Our duty, as soldiers, is to protect humanity. Whatever the cost.” – Master Chief, John-117.

Today, one of our own is in need of help. Ben, or Iso as you may know him from his incredible renders (and occasional leaks), is fighting a battle with Stage 3 Glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor in his frontal lobe. The prognosis isn’t looking good – Iso has been given 5 months to live.

Iso has fought and conquered cancer twice before already: once in 2019 in the form of a parietal lobe brain tumor, then again in 2020 with lung cancer thanks to chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the timeline of this tumor’s progression is too short for him to wait for the National Health Service to be able to give him the life-saving treatment he needs to beat it this time.

This is where you come in. The tumor can be removed and Iso’s debilitating headaches and nausea alleviated with your contribution to his fundraiser. Every pound donated goes directly to Iso and his treatment, so please, give what you can. If you can’t help by donating, we ask that you help by sharing the news and asking those who can to help as well. If we come together, we can help Iso get the treatment he desperately needs to beat this thing.

Donations can be made at this link, and those found in the rest of the text above:

  • Iso's incredible Halo renders
  • Iso's incredible Halo renders

Some of Iso’s incredible Halo renders.

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