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Welcome to DayOne

Bringing our Community and Xbox Game Pass together

Gaming is at its best when we all play together.

As one of the most exciting seasons in gaming approaches, we wanted to finally share what we’ve been working on, and give everybody out there in the Xbox Community a chance to play around with what we’ve built.


On our 100th XboxEra Podcast episode, we were super excited to reveal DayOne – a community focused Game Pass application, designed to enable our community to track, rate and play games together.

Today, following an extended period of testing from our wonderful Patrons, we’re lifting the lid on what we’ve been working on and offering early access to everyone.

What better way to get more feedback, right?


DayOne utilises our Discourse instance for the XboxEra Forums to pull your account details into the application. From here, you’ll be able to track what games you’ve played as part of your Game Pass subscription, you’ll be able to rate them, wishlist them and mark them “complete”.

You’ll also be able to find threads on specific games to find people to play with, as well as general discussion around the title, all from the game detail page.

We’ve also built in Metacritic and HowLongToBeat integrations, so if you’re considering a game to play, you’ll be able to, in most instances, get a feel for what it is and how long it’ll take you to finish. You’ll also find links to XboxEra reviews, where applicable.

In addition, DayOne is able to search in real time across the entire Game Pass library so you can decide what to play next. Want something with online co-op? Couch co-op? 120 FPS support? Atmos?

You’ll be able to filter results across all these categories, as well as browse by genre. You’ll also be able to filter by collection, be it EA Play, Console, PC, Bethesda, Touch and Cloud.

More Feedback!

Following our closed test period with our wonderful Patrons, we’re opening the floodgates and letting the world play with what we’ve made. We want you to mess around with it. Do searches, try different filter combinations – does it work? Do you get any errors or unexpected behaviours? Is it fast or slow? Are we missing a trick by not including a feature you think is a no-brainer?

An XboxEra forum account is required to use the app (don’t worry, it’s free!), but the good news is, you can then use this thread to share your feedback directly to us! You’ll see we’ve already got additional features on the way, and now that we’re opening this up to the world, more careful and considered critiques should be very useful indeed!

Of course, this is just the beginning. We have a fantastic developer working with us on this, and plan to bring even more features to the table in the months ahead, and we’ll be using your feedback to understand where and on what we should focus.

As always, it’s the community that has made this possible, so a big shout out to our Patrons. You’re all INCREDIBLE.

If you’d like to support us via Patreon, you can simply click the image below.

Jon "Sikamikanico" Clarke

Stuck on this god-forsaken island. Father of two, wishes he could play more games but real life always gets in the way. Prefers shorter and often smarter experiences, but Halo is King.

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