Episode 111 | “Shifting The Goalposts”

Sik, Nick, and Abe (aka OneBadMutha) are here to talk all things videogames, and there’s a fair amount to discuss this week!

Xbox Era is now officially listed on Metacritic, Game Pass continues to be the target of negative articles, an Xbox chromecast style device has leaked. We talk about it all, and so much more is on the docket.

Jump in!


00:00:00 – Going live
00:10:51 – Intro
00:11:29 – Hi everyone
00:13:25 – What have we been playing?
00:20:17 – We made it onto Metacritic! (Nick’s plan to get Crackdown 3’s MC score up falls into place) 00:26:00 – Forum elimination game
00:27:26 – Superchat about Indiana Jones exclusivity
00:30:34 – Star Wars Jedi Survivor announced
00:36:51 – Modern Warfare II announced and releasing October 28
00:44:15 – Replaced delayed to 2023 (Xbox’s 2022 just keeps emptying out)
00:47:42 – Why do people think MWII might come to Game Pass?
00:50:18 – Xbox’s Keystone project goes back to the drawing board
00:57:12 – Turns out Jim really stuck to his word about old PlayStation games
01:03:39 – Turns out Jim likes the way Microsoft does business
01:22:10 – I’m unsubscribing from Game Pass and I need you to know that
01:33:45 – Superchat about quality of exclusives
01:36:42 – TCL is totally aware of Microsoft and Sony’s future hardware plans
01:44:35 – Patron Shout
01:47:08 – Oops, we forgot to talk about the State of Play
01:53:22 – Community Question #1: DeoGame – Pre-E3 lull and smaller bangers
01:58:34 – Community Question #2: GoodOldCollingwood – What is a gamer?
02:06:28 – Community Question #3: PoderickPayne – What *I* think a gamer is
02:08:07 – Community Question #4: Proven – What’s with all the clickbait and garbage?
02:11:45 – Community Question #5: Somnia – Indiana Jones, is it exclusive?
02:18:10 – Community Question #6: Cayde4Ever – What’s with the bad haircuts in TV Shows and Movies? 02:20:55 – Community Question #7: Colbert – How do you feel about your Metacritic status pissing people off?
02:24:39 – Community Question #8: CreakyLegs – CoD deal with Sony and how it affects Game Pass? 02:28:43 – Wrapping up
02:30:36 -Ciao for now (Nick is a very questionable source)


Jon "Sikamikanico" Clarke

Stuck on this god-forsaken island. Father of two, wishes he could play more games but real life always gets in the way. Prefers shorter and often smarter experiences, but Halo is King.

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