Xbox is expanding their Cloud Gaming initiative, working on a dedicated streaming device and apps for TVs according to reports

Xbox continues to expand beyond the console in their ambitions to reach billions of gamers around the world. To do this, they will need to reach players who are not already in their ecosystem. One major way they are planning to do this is by expanding Cloud Gaming, and according to reports, new ways to access this service are on the way.

Tom Warren from the Verge indicated yesterday that Xbox is focused on a “Xbox Everywhere” plan which will introduce a “TV puck” device that let’s you stream Xbox games, as well as plans for dedicated apps similar to streaming services for shows and movies.

Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat followed up on this indicating that Xbox is working on releasing a dedicated streaming device that could be a streaming stick or “Roku-like puck”. Grubb also indicates that Xbox is working closely with Samsung to make an app for their TVs. All of this should happen within the next 12 months according to the report.

It has been obvious for some time that Xbox would look to bring dedicated streaming devices and apps to market. Xbox’s goals of market saturation don’t happen unless they meet the customer where they are. Not everyone wants a console or has a PC built for gaming which limits the audience the company is trying to reach.

Xbox’s Cloud Gaming solution is already on phones, tablets and other devices, and while currently not perfect, seems to be a major success. The Redmond based company recently discussed how their Cloud solution has grown, with over 10 million players having already used the Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta to stream games. It will need to continue to expand and see infrastructure improvements globally for the company to achieve their lofty goals of reaching even more players.

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