Episode 107 | “Mind The Gap”

Sik and Nick are back to discuss all things, and occasionally videogames.

We got Microsoft’s financials and it turns out the Series X|S has been the best selling console in “many markets worldwide” the last two quarters.

Halo Infinite had more season 2 information drop, explanations were given, will Nick’s anger be sated, or is it just more excuse-making for 343i?

All this and so much more.

Jump in!


00:00:00 – Going live
00:02:01 – Intro
00:02:39 – Hi everyone!
00:03:25 – What have we been playing/watching?
00:11:32 – Xbox and Bethesda Showcase announced and dated
00:16:15 – Community Question #1: PoderickPayne – Nick having to wake up at 3am sucks right?
00:18:10 – Community Question #2: DeoGame – Why did Xbox announce their plans early? Also, do other studios have too many contractors like 343?
00:21:15 – Xbox financials and console sales
00:23:25 – ABK Shareholders almost unanimously approve the acquisition
00:25:49 – Superchat
00:26:30 – WB Studios, the talk that won’t go away
00:32:47 – A bunch of 22 Sports games come to Game Pass
00:33:18 – Sony blocks PlayStation Plus stacking, plus, terrible Australian pricing
00:36:33 – Skull & Bones
00:42:34 – Nick got a bit caught up in Skullzi’s rumour drama (ES6, Mando, Roundhouse and Marvel) 00:52:22 – Rumourmill
00:59:13 – Patron Shout
01:01:04 – Small tangent about Zenimax and Mandalorian
01:02:50 – More rumourmill? Fortnite skins baby!
01:06:05 – Superchat about Xbox Bethesda Show
01:06:58 – Community Question #3: Dirtyflint – Would you eat the Moon if it was made of cheese? Plus a MASSIVE tangent about Greek desserts
01:16:36 – Community Question #4: CreakyLegs – Worst movie tie in game you’ve ever played?
01:20:03 – Community Question #5: Kraken56 – Would Microsoft buy any of the WB Studios without IP? 01:24:05 – Community Question #6: Cayde4Ever – Halo TV Show chat
01:26:43 – Community Question #7: GoodOldCollingwood – Would Jon wear a tartan skirt?
01:29:30 – Community Question #8: Thebrightestsun – Was there too much news this week? Which publisher do you think is bought next?
01:34:45 – Wrapping up
01:36:30 – Ciao for now!


Jon "Sikamikanico" Clarke

Stuck on this god-forsaken island. Father of two, wishes he could play more games but real life always gets in the way. Prefers shorter and often smarter experiences, but Halo is King.

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