The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Celebrates 20 years

It has been 20 years since Morrowind released on Xbox and PC, and in the years since its release it has continued on as one of the most important open world RPGs ever made.

For Xbox in particular, it was the first game of its kind released for the platform. The openness of the world and endless possibilities in role playing Morrowind presented were unprecedented and thought impossible on a console.

The creator of the game, Bethesda Game Studios, would become an important part of Xbox’s history. Morrowind would remain an Xbox exclusive and defined the platform as the place to play western RPGs.

Fast forward 20 years with Bethesda Game Studios now under the Xbox umbrella, they are set to release what promises to be another genre defining game in Starfield. History it seems is set to repeat itself as Xbox looks to become the defining platform for RPGs yet again.

Do you have any favorite memories of Morrowind? Come share them on our forums and join the best Xbox community in the known universe.

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  1. My first ever Bethesda game and also the game that changed my viewpoint on what RPG’s could be. I was and am still a giant JRPG fan, but this is the game that sold me on WRPG’s and made me a huge fan.

    The moment you get past the registration and are just told to find someone and it just lets you free into the world, my mind was blown away. I spent hours and hours just exploring.

  2. Morrowind is why I’m an Xbox gamer.

    A few weeks after getting a GameCube I heard about Morrowind and knew I had to play it. When I learned it was console exclusive to Xbox, I sold the Cube on eBay and grabbed an Xbox instead. Never regretted it.

  3. I had played this for the first time a few months ago, and while there were a few things that annoyed me (The possibility of “missing” your attack for example), one thing I actually liked over its successors was the setting and atmosphere. Compared to Oblivion and Skyrim, the setting in Morrowind felt unique with its big mushrooms and bugs on stilts. The atmosphere I thought felt really mysterious, and even though the draw distance was low due to technical limitations, the imaginative part of my brain was telling me its actually foggy because of a nearby volcano.

    I think Oblivion might be the slightly better game, but if they tweaked just a few things in a re-release I could easily see this being my favorite Elder Scrolls game.

  4. Massive game filled with content, I could easily push 300 hours on a completion without DLC.

    I find it hard to go back too these days though as later games have spoiled me with easier gameplay.

    I would still keep it as one of my favourite games ever.

    The way things scaled was so good, I could find the best weapons and armour at the very start of a play through but the stats were poor because I needed to level up the associated skills to get the most of it.

  5. Shout out to one of the best OG Xbox exclusives.

  6. Would be awesome if they gave us a remake

  7. Avatar for CryOn CryOn says:

    I remember when I first played this wonderful game. First making your character: race, major/minor skills and mundus. Right after a mini tutorial for lock picking and equipment. Then “press J to open your journal. Good luck.” After that they just throw you into the world without any guidance lmao.

    I love this game to this day. A completely alienated world with so much lore.

    Fun fact: the constant spawning of Cliff Racers was bug lmao.

  8. A proper from the ground up Remake would be incredible.

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