Halo Infinite Roadmap released – Season 2 details, when to expect Season 3, Forge, Campaign Co-Op and more

A roadmap for the rest of 2022 for Halo Infinite has been released. There is a lot here, some good, some not so good.

The good news, Season 2 is launching on May 3rd and it brings new maps, modes, and armor to unlock. Forge is targeting a September “Open Beta”, and network campaign Co-Op is targeting late August.

The not so good news, Season 2 will last 6 months, meaning Season 3 will not launch until November. This marks the second season that will last half a year after 343 initially indicated seasons would only last 3 months. This also means that as of now, Halo Infinite will only be seeing 2 new maps in its first year of existence as more maps are not expected until the new season arrives.

In his post on Halo Waypoint, Head of Creative on Halo Infinite Joseph Staten addresses the roadmap and the future of Halo Infinite. He says “We know we need to deliver more content and more features more quickly. Staying true to priority zero means that sometimes we need to slow down in order to stay healthy and move faster later. But we’re also aggressively looking at ways to accelerate.”

“As we continue to improve and ramp up, please understand that all of us at 343 are fully committed to making Halo Infinite the best Halo experience ever. Indeed, the primary reason that we’re extending Season 2 is to give us time before shipping another Season to fully address “quality of life” improvements based on learnings from Season 1 as well as other data and feedback we’ve collected.”

It is obvious to everyone involved that the content rollout for Halo Infinite has not been great. However, 343 is clearly aware of this and is promising to improve the timeliness of new content in the coming months. With Season 2 just around the corner, it gives returning players something to look forward to for the first time in a while.

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