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For a long time, we at XboxEra and the YHMAH team have wanted to give you more Halo content more often. This is reflected in things like our Halo TV Series Spoilercast which airs every Friday for the run of the show, and we feel confident that we can do even more.

When I joined XboxEra last year, I did so with the intention of bringing my experience as a Halo content creator to the team. Now that I’ve weaseled my way onto the podcast (shoutout to the mutton chops, RIP), I feel like it’s finally time to give you what you want with DropPod.

DropPod is hosted by yours truly, Pfhorbear, to bring you short-form video discussions covering the newest game updates, rumors, news, and hotly debated topics that deserve attention beyond the long-form YHMAH podcast all with the folks you already know and love. Instead of a group of 4-6 like the podcast usually features, DropPod will be tighter, both in run time and headcount. Whenever there’s something cool to talk about in the world of Halo, I’ll be joined by one member of the team who feels passionate about that topic as we sit down and give our high-level impressions, general vibes, and opinions. The goal of DropPod is to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything Halo related that we want to talk about here at XboxEra.

Our first episode is live now. This time, I’m joined by our fearless leader on YHMAH, Abe AKA OneBadMutha as we break down our first impressions of the new MCC update that brings things like Flood Firefight and Campaign Crossplay. I can’t wait to see what you all think of this style of content from us. If you enjoy it, please let us know and be sure to share your thoughts and feedback with me where ever you like to stalk me.

You know the music, time to dance. This is DropPod.

Austin Ford

Austin is a streamer, mostly focusing on games like Halo and Destiny, though occasionally stepping out of his comfort zone, too. A Halo fan since 2001, he claims that he's an OG but how OG can you be when you were 6 the first time you played it?

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