Certain Affinity is helping evolve Halo Infinite, rumored to be working on a mode with “battle royale elements”

Halo Infinite will need to continue to evolve and grow if it wants to stay relevant as a “live service” multiplayer amongst other titans in the field. Certain Affinity, a support studio well versed in helping the Halo franchise, seems to be tasked with just that.

The team announced today through a tweet that they are deepening their relationship with 343, tasked with “evolving Halo Infinite in some new and exciting ways”.

Jez Corden of Windows Central seems to have the inside scoop on what Certain Affinity is working on for Halo Infinite. In an article released earlier today, Corden says he has heard that the studio is working on a new mode for the game, code named “Tatanka”, that has “battle royale elements… complete with a shrinking arena”. The mode likely will not completely copy other Battle Royale modes, instead opting to create its own spin on the ever popular mode.

It remains to be seen if 343 will fully plunge into the Battle Royale genre like Call of Duty did, or simply offer it as an interesting side mode alongside its Arena and BTB modes. Battle Royale players expect constant updates and tweaks, and that may not be something 343 is currently ready to handle. We will simply have to wait and see what “Tatanka” ends up being.

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