Indie Spotlight | March 21st – 25th 2022

More indie titles come flooding in towards the end of March with twelve games on offer. Four of this week’s lineup are dropping onto Xbox Game Pass with Kraken Academy, Tainted Grail: Conquest, Zero Escape: The Nonary Games and A Memoir Blue coming to the service. Norco is also headed to PC Game Pass on its launch date. For those looking for something a little bit bigger, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is arriving on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on 25th March. Let’s see what we have this week.

Kraken Academy

Release Date 22nd March 2022

Available on Xbox Game Pass

Manipulate time and save the world in Kraken Academy

Make friends, free spirits and make sure that the world doesn’t end! Welcome to Kraken Academy, a technicolour fever dream that for legal reasons can only be described as “technically a school.” Join forces with a magical Kraken to manipulate a time loop and save the world.

Tainted Grail: Conquest

Release Date 22nd March 2022

Available on Xbox Game Pass

Deckbuilding fans will want to check this out on Xbox Game Pass for sure

Available now with PC Game Pass and coming soon to console! Explore the ever-changing maps, fight with deadly enemies, and learn what happened to the cursed island of Avalon in this unique, infinitely replayable, story-driven hybrid between a deck-building roguelike and an RPG game. Create your own combos out of hundreds of cards and learn how to survive in a dark, unforgiving world shrouded by a mysterious, deadly force known as the wyrdness.

Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

Release Date 22nd March 2022

Available on Xbox Game Pass

Plenty of mystery to unravel in Zero Escape: The Nonary Games, coming to Xbox Game Pass

Kidnapped and taken to an unfamiliar location, nine people find themselves forced to participate in a diabolical Nonary Game by an enigmatic mastermind called Zero. Why were they there? Why were they chosen to put their lives on the line? And more importantly, who can be trusted?

A Place for the Unwilling

Release Date 23rd March 2022

21 days until the living city dies, explore and make some important decisions

You only have 21 days until this living city dies. The clock is ticking. You can’t be everywhere at once. Decide what to explore, who to meet and see every decision shape the curious stories and terrible secrets of this branching narrative game.

Richy’s Nightmares

Release Date 23rd March 2022

Experience the nightmare and solve puzzles in this dark adventure

Richy’s Nightmares is a unique platforming experience. It tells the story of Richy, a little boy who got lost in the labyrinths of some dreaded magical woods. And now he must do his best to survive through this journey. The forest is full of nightmares and lethal puzzles, and that is why Richy’s escape is going to be a challenge to remember.

The Pizza Delivery Boy Who Saved the World

Release Date 23rd March 2022

A visual novel with a real difference, and pizza

A semi-autobiographical game about pizza and the time-travellers who make it. It’s The Pizza Delivery Boy Who Saved the World! A brand-new visual novel by a former delivery boy who is probably never going to work in the pizza industry again, if his boss finds out he made this game.

Thunder Kid: Hunt for the Robot Emperor

Release Date 23rd March 2022

Run ‘n’ gun and find the robot emperor

In the year 201X, war has already ravaged much of the continent when a rogue AI rebels against its creators, leading an army of robots to conquer the Robot Empire. Trained from a young age as an agent of justice, Thunder Kid is sent into battle against the Robot Royalty to stop the empire from taking over the world in this low poly, run ‘n’ gun action experience

A Memoir Blue

Release Date 24th March 2022

Available on Day One with Xbox Game Pass

Another one for Xbox Game Pass with this beautiful story

A song from years ago triggers a flood of memories for champion swimmer Miriam. Embark on an evocative journey through her turbulent childhood and the complicated relationship she shared with her devoted mother.

Norco (PC)

Release Date 24th March 2022

Available on Day One with PC Game Pass

Point and click narrative adventure Norco heads to PC Game Pass on Day One

Available on day one with PC Game Pass. Play the southern gothic point-and-click narrative adventure for yourself and explore the sinking suburbs and verdant industrial swamps of a distorted South Louisiana. Your brother Blake has gone missing in the aftermath of your mother’s death. In the hopes of finding him, you must follow a fugitive security android through the refineries, strip malls, and drainage ditches of suburban New Orleans.

Aery – Calm Mind 2

Release Date 25th March 2022

Kick back and relax and chill your mind with Aery – Calm Mind 2

Aery – Calm Mind 2 is an interactive game experience that is designed to relax your mind and soul. You jump into the role of a little bird, explore beautiful landscapes and collect magical crystals that mark certain landscapes.

BouncyBoi in Puzzle Land

Release Date 25th March 2022

Cartoony puzzler with vibrant visuals as BouncyBoi

Bounce into this colourful and cartoony world with BouncyBoi and adventure through various levels filled with challenging puzzles, cute graphics, and funky beats! As BouncyBoi, a purple bouncy slime who loves to jive and solve puzzles, make your way through Puzzle Land as you listen to good music and check out the great visuals.


Release Date 25th March 2022

Twin-stick shooter Devastator with 4k and 120hz support

Devastator is a retro-modern arcade twin-stick shooter. Featuring spectacular, fluid visuals (with 4k and 120hz+ support), heart-pounding music and sound, and intuitive, intense, and varied gameplay, Devastator is the ultimate twin-stick shooter for people who love twin-stick shooters!

The Final Analysis

Plenty of indie titles on offer this week and a handful for those with Xbox and PC Game Pass to play through. With a great variance amongst this pile of games, will you be picking up any to try? See you again next week as we touch into April 2022.

Jordan Campbell

Writer for XboxEra, owner of xbox.era on Instagram. Residing in Penzance, Cornwall, UK

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