Overwatch 2 Beta is coming soon as Blizzard lays out plans to detach PvP and PvE to allow content to release quicker

Blizzard has today highlighted fresh plans for how they are going to handle the future of Overwatch 2. They have revealed their intentions to divide PvP and PvE. This will allow fans to get their hands on the PvP elements of the game faster. A closed alpha will commence today for a limited amount of players with a Closed Beta commencing in April 2022 for a larger volume of people.

Game director Aaron Keller revealed all this information in a new developer update video as shown below.

The closed alpha is likely to be closed off for specific players such as Blizzard employees, Overwatch professional players and select groups of participants. The Beta test in April will be a closed one, but you can request and sign up to access here.

Details of the tests are pretty scarce, Blizzard has announced that they will be focusing on the new Push mode, four new maps, a new damage hero named “Sojourn” and adjustments and reworks to existing heroes. A release date has not yet been announced for Overwatch 2.

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