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Free New Photo Mode Update for The Gunk launches today

Popular indie title The Gunk has a surprise new addition today in the form of a free new photo mode update. This new mode puts a powerful suite of photography tools in players’ hands to help them capture stunning shots of the game’s lush alien world. 

The new Photo Mode includes a host of editing possibilities. Your post-processing photo editing options include the ability to adjust the depth of field, exposure, the field of view, add filters like “noir”, “sepia” and “cartoon”, and more. The mode also allows you to adjust the pose of protagonist Rani and even change her facial expressions to add personality to your snaps and perfectly match the tone you are aiming for with each snap you take.

The Photo Mode update brings with it a number of features and fixes to improve The Gunk based on feedback from the community. These include improved resolution settings, with 4K monitors now supported better than ever before, the ability to disable motion blur, quality of life changes such as a setting to automatically enter aim mode and mouse control improvements.

For those who haven’t yet tried The Gunk, it is still available as part of your Xbox Game Pass subscription. Our very own Harm0nica reviewed this back in December 2021 and you can take a read HERE.

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