Episode 98 | “The Albert Ring”

Sik and Nick are joined by Albert Dankwa, Xbox Content Program Manager & Social Lead to discuss all things gaming, especially Nick and Jon’s favorite title of all-time Elden Ring.

It is finally upon us and our very own Producer/Reviews Editor Jesse Norris gave it an extremely high score. We’ll talk about that and so much more.

Jump in!


00:00:00 – Going live
00:05:57 – Intro
00:06:34 – Hi everyone and let’s say hi to Albert!
00:08:00 – What have we been playing? (Albert and Jesse have been playing Elden Ring)
00:14:34 – We find out a bit about Albert
00:24:29 – Community Question #1 – commanderbuck: How did Albert grow and evolve within Microsoft? 00:31:27 – Community Question #2 – Good Old Collingwood: Albert, do you think Phil’s philosophy is genuine and what advice would you give to new ABK staff coming into Xbox?
00:34:20 – Couple of Superchats for Albert
00:35:00 – Titanfall tangent thanks to “Albert’s shelf”
00:39:00 – Horizon can’t catch a break
00:40:22 – Steam Deck reviews are out
00:44:45 – Gabe wants to help Microsoft integrate Game Pass into Steam
00:45:35 – Do we think Microsoft would still pursue Game Pass on Steam with a portable Xbox out there? 00:50:56 – Xbox finally gets proper Twitch integration
00:54:05 – Community Question #3 – DeoGame: Should Microsoft look into partnering for a “Souls-like”? 00:55:45 – Community Question #4 – PoderickPayne: Are you made Jesse messed up getting XboxEra onto Elden Ring’s review advertising?
00:57:10 – Community Question #5 – CreakyLegs: Good wishes to all those in Ukraine. Also, Nick is a poo poo face for not liking how Elden Ring looks
00:58:30 – Call of Duty skipping 2023?
01:04:35 – Bethesda is retiring their launcher and migrating everything to Steam
01:08:06 – Bungie released some concept art for Matter
01:11:52 – Street Fighter 6 finally announced, is it exclusive or multplat?
01:17:40 – Ed Boon teasing but not quite teasing his next game?
01:20:00 – Superchat about Roundhouse Studios
01:21:02 – Jon asks Albert what game(s) he’s looking forward to the most
01:30:00 – Patron Shoutout
01:30:48 – Community Question #6 – Cayde4Ever: Would Microsoft consider Deck13/Focus Interactive? Also small tangent on ABK
01:36:50 – Community Question #7 – ShadowlessEdge: Put together the perfect Games with Gold month for April 2022
01:43:45 – Community Question #8 – Faisal: Which Friends actor should play a role in a potential Fallout New Vegas 2?
01:50:00 – Community Question #9 – Knottian: Everyone’s favourite From game? Also, questions delving into Albert’s fashion sense
01:55:52 – Superchat about a PC replacing a console
01:57:00 – Wrapping up
01:58:17 – Update on the Book
02:01:17 – Ciao for now!


Jon "Sikamikanico" Clarke

Stuck on this god-forsaken island. Father of two, wishes he could play more games but real life always gets in the way. Prefers shorter and often smarter experiences, but Halo is King.

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