Rumour: Activision is delaying 2023’s Call of Duty, marking the first time in more than a decade the series will miss a yearly release

Activision is currently in the process of being acquired by Microsoft, but that isn’t the only huge change going on within the company according to recent rumours.

Tom Henderson, who is as reliable as anyone when it comes to Call of Duty news, recently tweeted out that 2023’s Call of Duty will be delayed, a landmark move which will see the series miss a yearly release for the first time since 2005. Jason Schreier also backed up this rumor and wrote a a story on the subject.

After 2021’s subpar Call of Duty release, this move isn’t necessarily shocking, but is a massive move for the series and may show a change in strategy for the company. Once Microsoft officially acquired Activision and has full say over decision making, further decisions about the future of Call of Duty will undoubtedly be discussed.

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