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Rainbow Six Siege introduces new maps, modes, operators and more in Year 07

Ubisoft has detailed what is to come for Rainbow Six Siege in Year 07. With a plethora of balancing and fine-tuning to come as always. We also see new region-specific operators, maps, modes and more. Players will be able to purchase the limited-time Year Pass for $40 or the Premium Year Pass for $60. This will be available to purchase until March 21

The Year Pass unlocks the four seasonal Battle Passes – which includes 14-day early access to new Operators when they launch – while the Premium Year Pass unlocks four Battle Passes, the early access to new Operators, exclusive Exotic weapon skins, VIP credits, and more.

Players who purchase the Premium Year Pass will also unlock 20 extra Tiers out of 100, receiving rewards quicker.

What’s New?

Rainbow Six Siege introduces three new maps for the first time in three years. Two will be competitive arenas whilst one will be specific to team deathmatch. Team deathmatch will be embedded into the core game and become a permanent game mode. The highly-anticipated cross-play and cross-progression update will arrive towards the end of Year 07. Four new operators will trickle through the year rather than the expected eight in previous years gone by. Japanese Defender Azami is the first operator to be unveiled, a medium speed and health Operator who’s equipped with the Kiba Barrier gadget. Her throwable canisters deploy an expandable material that solidifies into a bulletproof surface, providing fast cover. Azami’s gadget also allows her to quickly repair holes in walls and floors.

Player behaviour and anti-cheat will also receive some treatment.  Season 1 introduces improvements towards detecting griefing and player disconnects. Season 2 tackles players who misuse friendly fire through sanctions restricting reverse friendly fire as well as improving match cancellations.

Console players will feel the benefit with new options allowing players to adjust aim control personalisation. There will also be new controller input presets and all-important field of view settings. The addition of a shooting range will also be available to players who want to practice their skills outside of the competitive environment

For those keen to see specifics on operators balancing tweaks, you can check out the Designer’s Notes blog post. Wanting any more information on Rainbow Six Siege and Year 07? Head to the official website for up to date news.

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