Bethesda Game Studios unveils the 2022 Roadmap for Fallout 76

Following a successful 2021, Bethesda has doubled down on its promised support for Fallout 76 by unveiling a packed 2022 roadmap for the game’s expected updates. Typically, the quarterly updates have been comprised of Quality-of-Life improvements, new events and features, and a new season worth of SCORE challenges and rewards, and 2022’s roadmap indicates that trend will continue.

The Spring Season (beginning March 1st) brings a long-promised encounter of a third-kind. Invaders From Beyond is a new suite of public events that will occur throughout specific intervals in the season; unlike previous Seasonal Events however, this event will not be centralized to a single location, instead being scattered across six locations in Appalachia. Additionally, the first season for 2022 will feature new Public Events and an update to Fallout Worlds which will allow players to earn progress towards their seasonal progression.

Fallout 1st members have much to look forward to with this year’s Summer Season, as the long-promised upgrades to membership rewards arrive with the aforementioned season. Test Your Metal, a new arena-style Public Event also make its debut, continuing this year’s tradition of new events coinciding with new seasons.

Fall’s season update is set to be the largest of the year. The highlight of the season is sure to be the new expansion called The Pitt, which was originally announced during Microsoft’s 2021 E3 briefing. The new expedition will see players leave Appalachia for the first time, returning to a fan-favorite location. Rewards for Daily Ops and other events are also receiving an overhaul, and a new quest-type is being introduced under the moniker ’Missions’.

Finally, the Winter Season update brings even more new Public Events, along with a new region boss and a seasonal activity titled Nuka World on Tour.

Overall, the new roadmap is promising and highlights some significant improvements and additions to a game that’s seen quite a few since its Wastelanders update in 2020. There are still some lingering questions around the vague hints of what players can expect from some of the new additions. Noticeably, there are still some missing features that were promised in 2021’s roadmap that still have not come to fruition yet (most notably, the C.A.M.P. pets). Regardless, the new year for Fallout 76 players looks to be quite eventful and there seems to be content for every type of 76 player coming this year.

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