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Shrouded Islands: A Sea Of Thieves adventure has begun

Sea of Thieves sails on with new content to keep the game fresh with the addition of adventures. Rare is planning on adding a new adventure on an almost monthly basis to coincide with their 2022 roadmap. Each story is expected to last around two weeks and the first one “Shrouded Islands” is now available from 17th February 2022 through to 3rd March 2022. Sea of Thieves is available with your Xbox Game Pass subscription

As “Shrouded Islands” opens, a new threat encroaching upon Golden Sands Outpost, the sudden disappearance of Captain Flameheart from the skies and reported sightings of the mysterious Belle have caused a hubbub on the Sea of Thieves – with Larinna, leader of the Bilge Rats, keeping a watchful eye on these strange events. Whenever you’re looking to venture forth on an Adventure, Larinna should have a lead to help you get started and will even beckon you over if you approach the tavern.

Many more Adventures lie ahead in 2022, along with Mysteries and a story-focused Pirate Legend Voyage coming soon as part of Season Six. Happy sailing!

Jordan Campbell

Writer for XboxEra, owner of xbox.era on Instagram. Residing in Penzance, Cornwall, UK

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