Halo music composers suing Microsoft over unpaid royalties

Original composers of the Halo franchise Marty O’Donnell and Mike Salvatori are suing Microsoft over unpaid royalties dating back across two decades, according to a in-depth report from Eurogamer.

The two composers who created the world-famous Halo music from Bungie developed titles and other Halo products, claim that Microsoft still owes them money from unpaid royalties. The pair have also instructed lawyers to explore the possibility of blocking the release of the upcoming Halo TV show with a preliminary injunction.

Talking about the TV show O’Donnell said. “This Paramount thing just showed up on TV and Mike and I felt pretty disrespected,” “Having a connection to ancillary revenue from exploiting the original Halo music is exactly what this contract is all about. Since we filed two years ago, they’ve continued to ignore the terms. Now, they’re about to broadcast the Halo TV show and are using our monk chat (calling it the theme to Halo) to also advertise and solicit subscriptions for Paramount+.” 

For more detail, we thoroughly recommend reading through the full Eurogamer report.

Jordan Campbell

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