Share Button Remapping & Broadcast Bar Opacity updates en-route

In the latest version of Xbox Insider release notes, we have news that an up to the minute Xbox Update Preview is coming to the Alpha ring. Whilst the subtle few changes that are on the way aren’t groundbreaking, they will improve UI and functionality in some areas. There are some other minor fixes for reported issues and suggested temporary solutions for known issues, users not currently participating in the Insider program should see these features at some stage in future.

Console Streaming

Settings have been added to allow you to change the opacity of the broadcast bar, as well as a new default behaviour that collapses the broadcast bar to just the icons.

Share Button Remapping

The updated Xbox Accessories App on your console unlocks new button remapping Actions for Xbox Accessories, including Share button remapping on the Xbox Wireless Controller for Series S|X. If you don’t share, or don’t like sharing, you’ll be able to remap the Share button to other Actions such as Mute TV, Open Friends List, Open Achievements, and many other options. You can see the full list of Actions within the Accessories App

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