W.A.S.D Live 7-9th April 2022 Tobacco Dock London

In a world where COVID-19 has hampered every social event across the globe, we are slowly but surely getting back to some sort of normality. Gaming conventions have been almost non-existent since the start of the pandemic with the huge events such as E3 and Gamescom becoming digital affairs. For gamers in the UK there has only really ever been a handful of gatherings available. With EGX announcing two separate shows in both Birmingham and London and the cancellation of their indie centric event EGX Rezzed. This left fans of that particular event baffled with it seemingly being no more. Sure, EGX does have some spectacular Rezzed areas at their large events. But the yearly offering at Tobacco Dock in the spring of each year was a casual, more laid back experience with a close-knit community focusing on independent games only with a slight dash of larger scale projects.

W.A.S.D Live Is Here To Save The Day!

There is some amazing news to come of this though! If you’re a fan of indie games, developers and publishers and discovering console, PC and big budget titles then an all new event is on the horizon. Tom Champion who has hands on experience with organising some of the biggest gaming events in UK history in his previous role with EGX, is now at the helm of W.A.S.D. The show promises to bring games and amazing content to experience. Big name streamers and content creators will be present with the opportunity to meet and greet them.

Looking for a career in gaming? This will be the perfect place to be for the weekend. You’ll be able to interact with industry experts, chat with game developers and also unlock answers to which steps you may want to take next. Trust me when I say that there is something for everyone at a show of this calibre. If you’re just in it for a day out or the entire weekend, then there will be a huge abundance of games to see and get hands on with before their release.

Gaming fun for all ages and abilities

Accessibility to the event is super simple with lift access at the north and south entrances to the venue which set across two floors. Children are welcome to the event and under 10’s go for FREE with a full paying adult ticket. Tickets can be purchased HERE. Carers can also obtain a free entry if assisting someone, the best way to go about this is to get in touch.

Announcements Incoming!

With a few months still remaining until the event there hasn’t been much announced just yet! Devolver Digital are coming to the show and the first playable game has been revealed as Die By The Blade from Triple Hill Interactive. As we move ever closer to the beginning of April, there will be a plethora of announcements trickling through. I recommend following the official W.A.S.D Twitter page to keep up to date with the latest news surrounding everything that is coming.

See You There!

As someone who is committed to supporting indie developers and studios with a view to pushing review coverage across their games, I will be attending the event in April on behalf of Xbox Era and look forward to trying some of the titles that will be gracing our screens in the near future. In the meantime I will be highlighting the excellent indie games launching each week in our Indie Spotlight article. Stay tuned for more on future events and conventions as we hopefully return to a normal world.

Jordan Campbell

Writer for XboxEra, owner of xbox.era on Instagram. Residing in Penzance, Cornwall, UK

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