The newly announced Blizzard game seems like it will be played from a first person perspective

Blizzard have recently announced a brand new game set in a brand new universe, described as “A place full of heroes we have yet to meet, stories yet to be told, and adventures yet to be lived. A vast realm of possibility, waiting to be explored.”

We do not know much about the game other than that is being described as a “survival game” and will also apparently be a first person game.

Camille Sanford, whose Twitter bio says they are a “Concept & 3D character art producer” on this untitled game, mentioned in a tweet that the game is a “first person survival game”. This detail was not shared anywhere else, but since this person is directly involved with the game, it seems unlikely that they would get this detail wrong.

We will of course have to wait until official confirmation before we know the definitive answers. Many developers who have worked on the game have expressed immense excitement over the project, so Blizzard seems to be creating something special.

This game is likely still a few years out, and that probably means it will be a PC/Xbox exclusive once Xbox has officially acquired Activision-Blizzard sometime over the next year.

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