Activision is planning to release Call of Duty 2022, Call of Duty 2023 and Warzone 2 (2023) on Playstation due to prior commitments

The next few Call of Duty games are going to release on Playstation consoles according to a report out of Bloomberg. A sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare is expected out this year, a Treyarch developed title is expected in 2023, and what is being dubbed “Warzone 2” is also expected in 2023.

Bloomberg is reporting that Activision have already committed to releasing these entries on Playstation prior to the acquistion of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft. After 2023 and the deal has ended, it is unclear what Microsoft plans to do with the series.

History tells us that Call of Duty will be exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem after the commitments have been filled based on every other recent acquistion Microsoft has made. However, we will need to wait and hear more from leadership at Xbox and Activision-Blizzard once the deal is finalized to know more.

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