Episode 92 | “No Forza In These Streets”

Join Nick “Shpeshal Nick” Baker, and Jon “Sikamikanico” Clarke as they discuss all the latest news in the video game world, live, with the talented Jesse “Doncabesa” Norris pushing buttons in the background.

We go over the end of life for Forza Streets, the delay of Stalker 2, NFTs, Series consoles selling well, the end of Xbox One production and more!

We also dive into a new rumour mill, as well as questions from our Patrons!

Help a friend

Yesterday, we heard that CreakyLegs (a wonderful person in our community) is having a hard time supporting his mother – so let’s help where we can. You can check out the GoFundMe below.


00:00:00 – Going live
00:04:33 – Intro
00:04:54 – Hi everyone! The weather outside is weather
00:07:00 – What have we been playing
00:10:47 – Movie tangent! (aka Eternals isn’t good)
00:22:55 – Forza Street shutting down
00:26:14 – Stalker 2 Delayed
00:27:53 – Let’s help Creaky Legs and his mum
00:28:39 – Small NFT tangent (and Troy Baker)
00:33:40 – Oh…another movie tangent, with a side of celebrity talk
00:38:05 – Xbox Series consoles are actually selling quite well
00:38:55 – Xbox One discontinued (while the PS4 manufacturing is extended)
00:47:02 – 343 will be addressing the Halo Store and monetisation
00:53:35 – We discuss Jez’s feedback article
00:54:25 – We discuss Jez’s Killer Instinct article
00:58:17 – id possible hiring for Quake Reboot? Or is it something else?
01:01:20 – We add two new people to our team!
01:02:40 – Rumour Mill
01:11:37 – Patron Shout
01:14:00 – Community Questions
01:14:32 – Community Question #1: Phalaxis – Thoughts on buying Hot Cross Buns before Easter? 01:21:22 – Community Question #2: biglo25 – Does MS need more shows other than E3/TGA? Will they give Game Pass number Jan 26?
01:25:28 – Tangent about Redfall possibly being delayed and Microsoft’s 2022 slate
01:34:44 – Community Question #3: Cayde4Ever – Was Stalker 2’s delay more political than we think? 01:40:06 – Community Question #4: DirtyFlint – I bought Hitman 3 2 weeks ago, now it’s on Game Pass 01:41:35 – Community Question #5: TomRaptor – Thoughts on the new DualSense colours?
01:48:30 – Community Question #6: nrXic – What sound bite is your ideal one?
01:53:05 – Tangent about Eric Bana and movies again
01:55:08 – Community Question #7: Cerys – What is your favourite mystery?
02:00:03 – Oh my god another movie tangent
02:05:18 – Community Question #8: morventhus – Your ideal podcast question?
02:06:25 – Community Question #9: DeoGame – What should the next Sea of Thieves expansion be? 02:07:48 – Community Question #10: WildStar – Who do you think will have the strongest 2022?
02:10:33 – Nick shows us his amiibos that he overpaid for
02:19:20 – Community Question #11: Creaky Legs – Let’s help Creaky’s mum
02:22:05 – Community Question #12: GoodOldCollingwood – What’s your favourite or funniest moment of 2021?
02:30:40 – Community Question #13: Kraken56 – Will Xbox’s better sales make third parties think twice about accepting Sony moneyhats?
02:43:15 – Superchat asking Nick how to make an Iced Latte
02:49:28 – Wrapping up finally
02:52:15 – Ciao for now!


Jon "Sikamikanico" Clarke

Stuck on this god-forsaken island. Father of two, wishes he could play more games but real life always gets in the way. Prefers shorter and often smarter experiences, but Halo is King.

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