Microsoft is shutting down mobile game Forza Street

This Spring Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios will shut down the free-to-play racing game Forza Street. An exact date hasn’t been given, but within a few months the game will be removed from the stores and unplayable.

The game released in 2019 as Miami Street, but was rebranded as Forza Street. In the game you control your car only by speeding up and braking. There is no steering involved.

In a blog post, Turn 10 Studios had this to share:

”Hello Forza Street players, 

We have an important announcement. After careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to close Forza Street as the team shifts its focus to new and exciting Forza experiences. We understand this is tough news for our players, however, we wanted to take this time to share our gratitude and thanks to all who joined us on our first journey into mobile. 

The good news is there is still time to enjoy the game and celebrate our players with new content. As a thank you to our players, beginning today we are offering:  

  • A new unreleased car
  • Rare & Epic Spotlights
  • Faster Energy Recharge and reduced wait times on car shows
  • Reduced prices on all items purchased with in-game currency

We want to ensure our dedicated players have an opportunity to finish off the collection goals we know so many have been working on for some time.

The game will continue to run through this spring when access will be ultimately discontinued and the product will no longer be available to play.  

With the closure of Forza Street happening soon, we will no longer be accepting in-app purchases. We will also be automatically refunding any purchases made by players within the past 30 days. These refunds will be executed automatically, according to the policies of the stores in which they were made, so please refer to the appropriate store for details. 

We would like to thank all the players who have given their time, feedback, and dedication to Forza Street. Our top goal for the Forza franchise is to foster a global community of players who love cars. Forza Street brought in a whole new set of players to Forza and we’ve learned a ton from you. While saying goodbye to Forza Street may be difficult, know that its DNA will live on in the next wave of products we create to excite, delight, and satisfy the automotive gaming passions of players across the world, where and how they like to play. 

For additional information please visit our FAQ link 

Andy Beaudoin 

Principal Design Director, Turn 10 Studios”

Source: Turn 10 Studios

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