A Splinter Cell remake is in the works at Ubisoft Toronto

Splinter Cell is back and is being revived and built by Ubisoft Toronto. The game, which was recently greenlit, will use Ubisoft’s “Snowdrop” engine, the same engine that was used for The Division and will be used for the upcoming Ubisoft Avatar and Star Wars games.

The game is currently being pitched as a remake rather than a completely original game. Think Resident Evil 2 Remake as a potential parallel.

From the interviews with the members of the Ubisoft Toronto team, it sounds like the developers will look closely at what made the original Splinter Cell series so special while also modernizing the series for next generation gaming in the 2020’s.

It will likely be several years before this game is released, but it is exciting nonetheless to have a new entry in the series confirmed

Austin "Proven"

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