Say Hello to Alt/Reality, a new Indie Game Studio from Brazil

The prominence of independent game studios over the last decade or so, combined with the ease accessibility to powerful game engines has seen many countries not normally known for fostering game development hubs see rise to many a new studio all creating unique titles with the sort of passion and raw creativity that is necessary to stand out amongst the glut of AAA and AA games from bigger publishers.

Earlier this week, Alt/Reality Studios announced their formation via their Twitter account

Log of the newly formed Alt/Reality Studio

XboxEra also received a Press Release, which gives us a brief understanding of what the studio stands for in relation to their game design ethos. Here’s an excerpt:

This brand new studio is built by a talented brazilian team, under the creative leadership of Lucas Ricardo (Creative Director and founder, former QA for games like Pillars of Eternity 2 and The Banner Saga 3). Alt/Reality aims to deliver projects that cover a wide range of themes, with titles that go from Medieval settings until futuristic and sci-fi universes. Although, our differential falls under what our players will be able to do in each of our upcoming games…

For every title, we will consider gameplay, movements and animation based on martial arts, special powers, melee combat and weapons. Firearms will be the least of your concerns, since every character can be turned into a whole weapon by it’s self. At the moment, we have 1 title in active development and a lot of other projects already in consideration. We expect you to have fun while unleashing all your skills with combos and strategic actions using the environment. If you love good ol’ fun combat, impactful characters and some weird stuff and sense of humor, we probably have something for you.

Their Press Release (as well as their Announcement Tweet) also gave us a small glimpse of their first – currently unannounced, video game via a character concept art piece.

Their focus on gameplay first is an encouraging sign and we look forward to getting a better look at their first game when it’s ready to be shown.

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