Halo Infinite: Battle Pass Progression changes are inbound Spartans!

Just over 48 hours ago, Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer Beta was shadow-dropped to a staggering number of hungry fans, both new and old. There are still several reported issues with the current state of the build, including issues with custom games, theater mode, and of course as we pointed out ourselves this morning, the Battle Pass. This was, universally, the most talked about part of Halo Infinite the last 48 hours as the Battle Pass progression was considered far too slow, as the only way to make progress was to complete challenges in game. There is currently no XP provided for playing each match.

Thanks to a tweet thread from 343’s Community Manager, John Junyszek, we’ve now learned that this is changing very soon.

The rest of the thread let’s us know that with this change going into effect later this week, the current offerings of Weekly Challenges will reset including the Ultimate Weekly Challenge reward. However, he also let’s us know that the currently offered reward, the Sigil Mark VII Visor, will be unlocked for free for any player who signs in to Halo Infinite between November 23-30th.

Finally, the duration of the Double XP boosts are going to be doubled themselves, from 30 minutes to one hour. This change is a welcome one, given the Double XP boosts continue to tick down their timers while in menus and not only in match, and will help to squeeze in some more time for those players who prefer the typically longer-lasting BTB modes.

Let us know what you think of the changes in the comments here or over on our forum at and be sure to check out this week’s episode of You Had Me at Halo, live this Friday at 3pm PST/6pm EST/11pm GMT at

Austin "Pfhorbear" Ford

Austin is a streamer, mostly focusing on games like Halo and Destiny, though occasionally stepping out of his comfort zone, too. A Halo fan since 2001, he claims that he's an OG but how OG can you be when you were 6 the first time you played it?

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