Age of Empires IV post launch roadmap revealed

Today Relic Entertainment revealed the post launch roadmap for Age of Empires IV. It doesn’t include any new civilizations or campaigns, but does include plenty of other things. The developers have put together a blogpost and a roadmap image, which can be viewed below.

Age of Empires IV Roadmap

The first patch for Age of Empires IV released this week, with some minor fixes. But, in the coming weeks a second patch should be arriving with more substantial changes and updates tot he game. The Winter 2021 update will include improvements to the mini-map, the Chinese dynasty user interface and a bunch of balance changes. It’ll also include the return of an Age of Empires classic, the in-game player scores. Those can be turned on for skirmish or custom multiplayer lobby games.

Spring 2022 is when we’ll see user generated content creation tools come to Age of Empires IV, as well as the much requested option to patrol units. The first ranked season for Age of Empires IV will also begin with this update.

Obviously Relic Entertainment won’t stop there. More updates are coming down the line, with improvements for hotkeys, a global build queue and waypoint indicators. If and when new content will arrive hasn’t been revealed yet, but it seems clear Relic and World’s Edge are focusing on balancing and patching the game as is as a priority.

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