Ten minutes of music from Starfield was played by the London Symphony Orchestra

We are officially less than one year away from Starfield, and Bethesda have been so kind as to slowly drip feed new details for their highly anticipated game.

Yesterday, in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Skyrim, the London Symphony Orchestra and London Voices came together to play music from the legendary Skyrim score. They also surprised everyone by closing the performance with 10 minutes of music from Starfield.

Unsurprisingly, it sounded absolutely incredible and gave us a sneak peak into the tone and universe Bethesda is crafting. Don’t just take my word for it, listen to the full performance above. If you specifically want to hear the Starfield portion, skip to 48:53 on the video. Bethesda has also announced that the entire performance will hit streaming services soon, so keep an eye out for that as well.

Austin "Proven" Nelson

Writer and Contributor for XboxEra. Halo 3 is a perfect game.

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