Xbox is working with ‘The Banner Saga’ dev Stoic Studio on an exclusive game codenamed Project Belfry according to sources

First leaked by Jez Cordon during his regularly scheduled podcast with Rand Al Thor the notorious industry insider as nothing more than a codename it appears more evidence and documentation has come to light for multiple outlets to begin speaking on the as of now unannounced game.

Earlier on the Jeff Grubb podcast Grubbsnaxx which is available to Giant Bomb premium members, he talked candidly about the game referencing the gameplay as a 2d side scroller action game like dragons crown with Princess Mononoke vibes and visuals. The game appears to take place in a large world with a tower (belfry) acting as the player’s hub. players will establish settlements in the world to generate resources and progression for more daring escapades, crafting and town management aspects are there as well.

Dragons Crown is a 2d action side scroller that has been used in reference to describe the gameplay of project belfry

Jez Cordon feels solid with his sources, earlier today publishing an article with all the information he currently knows. He reports that the studio making the game will be Stoic Studio, makers of the hit indie RPG series “The Banner Saga” which had finished their trilogy of the saga in 2018.

The visuals in The Banner Saga from Stoic Studio are set to take a jump to the next level in project belfry

Insider Klobrille doesn’t expect an announcement anytime soon and that lines up with what Jez and Jeff have said on the matter. given the team is nimble and they are branching out for a new ambitious evolution in what they are known for we may have to wait until after next years E3 to fully see the game in action.

What this does point to though is Xbox’s push to have consistent breadth and depth across multiple genres and game styles with which to service its all-encompassing gaming subscription service GamePass. As more time goes on we will see more deals come to fruition such as the IOI project dragon and Avalanches recently announced Contraband, which will provide gamepass subscribers with the ability to find their next favourite game or even discover an entirely new genre they hadn’t considered before.

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