Mountain VS Machine! Microsoft celebrate Age of Empire IV launch with more Trebuchet action

Microsoft are up to their crazy shenanigans once again, this time to celebrate the launch of Age of Empires IV.

This time, they’ve booked a castle and constructed a “fully functional” trebuchet, which they’ll use to fire an assortment of items, though hopefully nothing too heavy, at the Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, a.k.a “The Mountain” himself (though I’m sure he could handle it)

Age of Empires will also be present of course, with streamer MangoMel joining the team to share top tips and more.

It’s live on Xbox’s YouTube Channel – right now.

Jon "Sikamikanico" Clarke

Stuck on this god-forsaken island. Father of two, wishes he could play more games but real life always gets in the way. Prefers shorter and often smarter experiences, but Halo is King.

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