New Starfield lore video sent out to newsletter subscribers. Details the game’s history and titled “The Settled Systems”

Today on YouTube in an unlisted video for newsletter subscribers Starfield revealed key plot details for the upcoming BGS title. It takes place in what is known as “The Settled Systems” in the year 2330. The Settled Systems are a small part of the milky way and extends out from our solar system for 50 light years.

Around 20 years before the start of the game there was a war between “The United Colonies” and the “Freestar Collective”, known as the Colony War. Things are in an uneasy peace, but mercenaries and pirates abound to keep things dangerous. You are one of the newest members of “Constellation” and you will be pushing the boundaries of known space to try and uncover the mystery of it all. Starfield releases on 11/11/2022 (or November 11th, for those not in the US)

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