Xbox is working to advance accessibility on the platform and in their games.

Xbox is celebrating the disability community this October alongside National Disability Employee Awareness Month and are making key steps to improve accessibility for all gamers.

Xbox has presented the Xbox Accesibility Showcase which highlights key steps forward for the platform and first party games towards improving accesibility. The video, which runs 40 minutes long, is also available in Audio Description and American Sign Language.

The team in Redland is also highlighting their mission goals for celebrating the disability community and improving access across the board at Xbox and Microsoft.

Xbox has also highlighted accesibility features for the upcoming Halo Infinite, as well as new and improved features on the platform.

Xbox is no stranger in working with the disability community to improve the platform and their games in order to assure anyone can enjoy gaming. They have innovated in the gaming space before with accessories like the adaptive controller which helps a variety of gamers with different needs and abilities.

Xbox’s motto over the last few years has been “When everyone plays, we all win”, and these latest advancements by the team strengthen that message and provides even more ways to play for anyone who loves gaming.

Austin "Proven" Nelson

Writer and Contributor for XboxEra. Halo 3 is a perfect game.

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