The Initiative is partnering with Crystal Dynamics for Perfect Dark development

In a surprising announcement, The Initiative announced they are partnering with Crystal Dynamics, best known for the rebooted Tomb Raider series, on the upcoming Perfect Dark game.

Little is known about the game other than that it will be first person and incorporate “spy fighting”. The announcement tweet notes that the game is still in the early stages of development.

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  1. Hope this leads to an acquisition.

    Would like to see a Turn10 and Playground collaboration on other types of AAA projects. Hopefully, between The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics.

  2. Weird partnership but a welcome one. It does make me wonder if Microsoft bit off more than they can chew by building a new studio? Time will tell.

  3. This makes a lot of sense. We knew The Initiative had to heavily rely on other studios when in full production. Their staff consists mostly of leadership positions and a lot of designers. I’m sure they’ve looked around for other options regarding full development, but I can imagine this was the most practical solution. Probably not the cheapest though.

    I wonder if The Initiative plans on becoming a larger studio with 200+ employees, or if this is the way they want to create games in the future. A little bit like Kojima Productions.

  4. One thing I’m wondering about since TI wants to stay small, does anyone think they are going to be bringing other 3rd party AAA dev studios for future projects?

  5. Ah didn’t spot this had its own thread, good idea, as I imagine there will be lots of discussion on this.

    To repeat my takes from the other two relevant threads:

    1. I think this is a dream opportunity for The Initiative and Xbox. From the outset The Initiative strategy was described as having a ‘small and agile’ team overseeing AAA developments – that would usually mean relying on dozens of little contracts with work-for-hire studios and sole traders. Being able to bag a single, well regarded developer with AAA credentials is an extraordinary coup, and bodes well for a stable and well organised development. The fact that its the studio head Darrel Gallagher’s old team promises an even smoother ride to launch.

    2. From SE point of view, the deal is likely a god send as well. They planned for CD to be working on their massively successful GAAS The Averngers for years to come … and … yeah. They’ll be delighted they can transition the studio into new paid work.

    3. The obvious implication (obviously contingent on the relationship working well and both sides being open to it) is to transition into an acquisition of CD from SE to MS. This would transition The Initiative from a small team that hires in developers into a fully self contained AAA developer very neatly. The Crystal Initiative.

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