Rares cult classic Banjo Kazooie heads to the Nintendo Switch this October

Announced today at the Nintendo Direct and confirmed by rare the loveable bear and bird will be part of Nintendo Switch Online’s service in October. Currently, we are not clear whether this is the straight N64 port or if it’s the updated rare replay version that was modernized for the Xbox in 2015.

There is currently no word on the sequel game Banjo Tooie but this does show a willingness for Microsoft and Nintendo to play nice for game preservation and fans enjoyment with nostalgic re-releases like these

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  1. Get Nintendo fans hooked on the franchise again and then make the Remake exclusive to Xbox to tempt them to jump over.

  2. Avatar for pg2g pg2g says:

    Lol, is this the Microsoft/Nintendo deal?

  3. Avatar for BRiT BRiT says:

    I dont think it is because of what was said in the other thread:

  4. How, when the best developer for Banjo would be Nintendo themselves :smirk:

    so ideal reality would be a whole new Banjo being developed by Nintendo, but published by Xbox, day 1 on both switch and Xbox/PC.

  5. I would love to see Microsoft/Nintendo Collab and make a new banjo game for Xbox and switch.

    Nintendo make insanely good platformers, and I think a banjo reboot would do insanely well on both platforms.

    & I think it would make fans on both systems very happy.

  6. They did not develop the original, so why? I think Rare could do it if they wanted, then before greenlighting an AAA sequel you’d need a remake (a remaster already exists) of the first game to test the waters. Moreover Xbox should not deplete its exclusives roster to Nintendo any more imo, expecially when it’s still a point of contentious concerning the brand (the “Xbox has no games” is still strong among media, not only fanboys). This strange relationship with Nintendo as of now has done anything for Xbox brand growth, I still need to understand the ultimate goal.

  7. Again, current day Rare is NOT the Rareware of N64 days. Much of the OG staff left soon after acquisition. Playtonic was founded by one such crew of people. Current Rare doesn’t wanna do anything with their old IP, they will just at max oversee certain things, and greenlight other studios wanting to make a game from the old Rare library.

    And although Playtonic do understand Banjo the best cuz they made it originally, their games don’t seem to inspire confidence to me. Current day Rare might not be a platformer games developer, but Nintendo surely is, and they make some of the best in the biz, they understand Banjo to a good degree. I don’t personally want Xbox to just hand over lot of their exclusives to Nintendo, but I’m talking a case where Nintendo themselves would be the ones actually making the game, an unprecedented thing in the industry, which is why it’ll likely never happen, but all the more amazing if it could. A Nintendo made Banjo, that’s day 1 on both Switch and Xbox gamepass. That’ll not just move mad amount of switch sales and game sales, but also MS would rake in insane amounts of money from the publishing.

    Outside obvious pipe dreams, I think Playful or Gears for Breakfast are the best candidates personally, even if Playtonic is the one with actual ex-Rare staff.

  8. Ms should have put rare replay on switch. It would sell a ton and ms would make huge buck. Thst money could go towards a banjo 3.

  9. Devaluing further the Xbox exclusive line-up, quick bucks are not always the solution.

  10. How about Nintendo putting some games over here for a quick buck for a change. Xbox aint a charity and Rare Replay not even on PC to begin with too.

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