Season Four of Sea of Thieves lets players travel to subaquatic shrines for treasure and adventure

It’s time for the fourth season of Sea of Thieves. And in this one we’re diving below the waves. In Season Four, which is releasing this Thursday September 23rd, you’ll discover all kinds of underwater shrines.

Three months ago Rare surprised the world with a Pirates of the Carribean themed update. This time they’re staying closer to their own lore and world with an update centered around the sirens and the merfolk. When diving into the depths to find these siren shrines, you’ll encounter a plethora of different enemies to fight. Meanwhile, your ship is unguarded from players who are looking for a profit or – in Sea of Thieves fashion – a reason to kill you. To make these underwater endeavours a little more convenient, you can store your loot in mermaid shrines underwater. This way you don’t have to swim up with all the treasure, the merfolk will help you with it.

And it isn’t a Sea of Thieves update without additions to the Pirate Emporium and the Plunder Pass.

These changes will all go live on September 23rd. Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, the Microsoft Store on Windows 10, Stema and ofcourse on Xbox Game Pass.

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