The Halo Infinite release date may have leaked online.

Coming from Twitter user Aggiornamenti Lumia, known for leaking Microsoft store listings in the past with good effect, there is a new separate listing for the Halo Infinite Campaign store page which shows a December 8th, 2021 release date. This coincides with another leak on Reddit from a Taiwanese online retailer which shows the same release date.

A Taiwanese online retailer FAQ page going around Reddit

Assuming time zones and a global launch window aligned to the US, we could be seeing listings for timezones that are in areas running a day later than the US (December 7th is a Tuesday and a lot of big games love to launch on Tuesdays)

Time will tell if this information is correct, reliable Xbox insiders are saying that we will see the release date on the stage of the Gamescoms Opening Night Live presentation hosted by Geoff Keighley, Mr Keighley himself is hinting at big news for xbox fans

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